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We take games very seriously. We are focused on simple and casual games, that can be played just for fun, without too much complexity.

Help Luigi is a casual game, ideal to fill a few minutes during your breaks or when you just want to distract yourself a little.

The rules of the game are simple: Luigi asks for an ingredient and, of the various ingredients that appear momentarily for your choice, you have to click on all those that match the order. But you can't take too long, because they will disappear in an instant!

In this fast and fun game your physical and mental reflexes will be put to the test as the orders alternate and the ingredients appear and disappear faster and faster.


DISQR is our first publicly available game. It is a simple but challenging, rewarding and fun game.

The concept is very simple: on the middle of the screen there is a disc launcher, throwing discs that you must crush with your fingertip.

Successful crushing leads to higher levels, where difficulty increases. There are 10 levels. So the question is: can you make it to the 10th level (, punk)?


Banana On Fire is the dream of a single indie developer, trying to change the world one game at a time. We harm no bananas.

Copyright (c) Banana on fire / Carlos Geadas

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